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Welcome to our private practice and congratulations on taking the first and hardest step towards making changes in your life. Auris Counselling provides a professionally operated and accessible psychotherapy counselling, consultation and support service with a geographical outreach throughout the Northwest region.


Psychotherapy/Counselling is a powerful journey that will hopefully lead you to make some adjustments to your life and find better or alternative solutions to specific problems. Our goal as counsellors is to help and support you along your journey by creating a warm, non-judgemental, safe space for you to address your most inner thoughts and feelings.


Therapy is not a one size fits all model; our integrative approach ensures you will receive the treatment plan that is right for you. Whether you're looking to address issues from the past or current life/work challenges. We’ve included some information about the various services we provide, our experience to date and how to get in contact with us.


We offer a confidential,

non-judgemental space and time to help you find new ways to achieve positive life changes.


We will find a way to help you build stronger relationships between each member of your family and assist you to work together.


We offer employees a confidential counselling service to work through challenges that maybe having a negative impact on attaining a healthy work/life balance.

Why go private or see an independent counselling service like us?

Auris Counselling is more flexible, with available out of hours times, we are ready to work with you.


Outline of Services Provided:


  • Professionally qualified, registered therapist with a collective 14 years’ experience

  • A confidential face to face or online service for Individual, Workplace, Couples, Relationship Counselling

  •  (EAP) Employee Assistance Programme service to companies, Public Services to reduce the impact that social, psychological or physical problems may have on their employees, students and their families with prevention techniques, assessment protocols and health management services

  • Access to a network of registered and experienced colleagues with diverse skills and knowledge which offers extra professional support

  • Workshop programmes of continual professional development and support through training opportunities

Our Therapist


Martin McMonagle

Professionally qualified integrative counsellor, experienced in Individual, relationship & group therapy.

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